You’ve struggled to get to the cause of your symptoms.

Your medicines aren’t taking care of the brain fog, the exhaustion, and the achy joints.

You struggle to lose weight.

And you don’t know where to get the motivation to try the next new fad or trick that is supposed to be the ONE thing that will work.   


Together, we can get you back to your masterpiece!!

 I help you create a battle plan to reset your hormones and repair thyroid and adrenal function, so that you feel beautiful, powerful, and back in control of your life.  

Let me help you take control back!! 



Hi! I'm Karin Allumbaugh

I too used to be on the roller coaster you are on, where some days I felt fine, but many days I did not feel well. I thought my diagnosis of hypothyroidism and later hashimoto’s disease would give me answers and help me find relief. Instead it sent me on a path of chronic pain, inflammation, infertility, miscarriages, bouts of depression, and it left me feeling misunderstood and powerless. My path to the best health of my life was an ever-so-slow journey! My goal is to help you find health and wellness on the fast-track!!

Your autoimmune disease is a signal that your body is fighting hard to restore balance in your body. There is so much you can do to restore your health. I look forward to helping you get back on track to health and wellness.


Take Action

Learn more about how I can help you bring nourishment back to all that you do! I show you how to eliminate triggers causing your symptoms and fuel your body for health so you can regain strength and energy. You will learn how to rejuvenate, heal, and have renewed power over your eating and wellness. Learn more.